Working papers

Yannick I. Pengl, Lars-Erik Cederman, Carl Müller-Crêpon, Roberto Valli, Luc Girardin (2023). The Train Wrecks of Modernization: Railway Construction and Nationalist Mobilization in Europe. Under review.

Lars-Erik Cederman, Luc Girardin, María Murias Munoz, Yannick Pengl, Roberto Valli, and Julian Wucherpfennig (2023) Peace Through Partition? A Spatial Analysis of State Splits and Conflict.

Roberto Valli, Massimo Troncone (2024). Shifting Partisan Attachments: The Impact of Electoral Defeat on Voter Preferences.

Massimo Troncone, Roberto Valli (2023). Domestic Minority Status and Support for Supranational Integration.


Work in progress

Roberto Valli (2023). Back and Forth with the Tide? Border change and the Nationalization of Elite Culture in Alsace-Lorraine. Available upon request.

Roberto Valli, Massimo Troncone (2023). Who pays for the Church? Electoral Institutions and Religious Clientelism in Post-War Italy. New version coming soon.